ORGANISING A COMMUNITY EVENT2018-10-26T07:55:21+00:00

STEP 1: Generate Interest with Others

Approach other local community groups to assist with the event.

These could include Police, Fire Brigade, Ambulance, Defence and other community support groups like: charities, religious groups, churches, local government, businesses and academic sectors such as Schools, Universities and various other Colleges.

Most of these organisations will be in favour of community engagement and should have community/youth liaison officers willing to come on board to help.

STEP 2: Approach Your Local Council

Along with the above representatives from key community groups, approach the local Council, Lord Mayor and community leaders to sponsor the event.

It could be hosted on the local showground in the form of a community fete, in the Town Square or Town Hall for example. It is in the Council’s interest to be seen encouraging positive engagement and wellbeing of the community.

STEP 3: Identify those Men Leading by Example

Find outstanding local men who are leading their community or families by example and ought to be celebrated. These are men that are making the world a better place through their integrity, selflessness, responsibility, and care.

In a ceremony award these men a Certificates of Appreciation in recognition for their service to the local community, the country or to humanity at large.

For example: they could be members of an emergency service, a foster father doing a particularly great job, or charity leader/worker. Choose a number of stand out nominees for appreciation awards for their service.

Award Certificate is available for Download on the Resources page. You can use this Award Certificate (is in English) or create your own.  Type in the name of the Person and get them printed or print the Certificates and write their names in later.  You can hand them out as Certificates or get them framed and with a glass or Perspex cover ready for hanging.

These awards can also be in the form of trophies, and if resources allow could include a prize of some kind such as a gift voucher. Feel free to create these awards to whatever suits your community.

STEP 4: Advertising and Media Release

In the lead up to the event put up posters, contact community announcements, and advertise it through participating community group newsletters and word of mouth.

Send a media release out to the local news, papers, radio and TV networks, and leverage social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat and YouTube to inform the community of the upcoming event.

STEP 5: Make sure the event is fun

It could mimic a fete type event, with food venders, games and rides, demonstrations from local community groups and sporting teams, speeches from distinguished guests, and award ceremony.

STEP 6: Share the Good News

Share photos and media from your event to the International Mens Day Facebook page to help build more awareness of the success of your event.  Share photos with your friends on Social Media.

Send through summary reports to International Mens Day of how your day went.  Include Country, State, City/Suburb, main People and Groups involved.  Highlights of the day.  Your name and contact details: Email and Phone. Let us know whether to keep your contact details private or use them for others to contact you in the area, so we can promote your event in our Newsletter and Advertising