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IMD Award Certificates

Please find below ‘International Men’s Day Appreciation Award Certificate’.

One screen capture shows a non-editable example while the second screen capture shows the spaces that you will be able to fill in.

If you wish to give out an IMD Appreciation Certificate you must agree with the 6 Objectives of International Men’s Day.

Should your group decide to organize an International Men’s Day Appreciation Award Ceremony, we ask you to adhere to the following guidelines to ensure due process and accountability in order to keep the integrity and good name of International Men’s Day worldwide.

In other words whilst the International Men’s Day Appreciation Certificate  is essentially a local decentralized Award system we ask those that choose to give IMD Appreciation Certificates to follow these guidelines to ensure the process is carried out with due integrity and transparency.

It is important  that those who receive an International Men’s Day Certificate are duly deserving of such an Award.

  1. The group who would like to allocate an IMD Award Certificate to some chosen individual or individuals must have a minimum of three individuals sign off on each IMD award. To further clarify – one person could propose the IMD Award but two others would have to agree and second the decision.
  2. Furthermore we request that each award is then ideally given on behalf of an NGO, Body Corporate or a Business whether that NGO or business is an institution, church, school, university, government body, council, men’s group,  family group, women’s group, charity, union, small business or large business. This formality gives weight to the said International Men’s Day Appreciation Award and further ensures due process for all concerned.

*Additionally each Award must be signed off by a local representative (Signature), dated and the awardee person’s name inserted.

*You can choose to change the Certificate into your own language. To do that you will need to engage the services of a graphic designer or printer in your own locality who has Adobe Professional PDF Creator.

Instructions for Completing Certificate

Download the PDF file to your computer and THEN AND ONLY THEN use Adobe Acrobat Reader to Open the File and type the necessary name and details.  Then print out.

NOTE: It is critical that the above steps are used otherwise the different variabilities with browsers and other PDF opening options will cause printing problems for your certificates.

Acrobat Reader Download and Install Instructions


Install the Adobe Acrobat Reader as a Google Chrome Extension if using Google Chrome browser.


Optional Offers

McAfee Security – untick these if you do not wish them to be downloaded.

Click ‘Install Now’

 Find the downloaded file on your computer and double click on the file to begin the setup and follow the prompts to finish the setup.

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader for Free Here:

International Men’s Day Appreciation Certificate
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