International Men’s Day 2017 Media Release

Media Release



Celebrating Men and Boys

Launched in 1999, and celebrated in around 80 countries worldwide, International Men’s Day has achieved another landmark this year by being granted a second debate in the Houses of Commons in London (held on 14 November) where politicians, led by the courageous Philip Davies MP, considered some of the key issues facing men and boys. However, India is still leading the world in the number of individual International Men’s Day celebrations being held.

Warwick Marsh, coordinator for www.internationalmensday.com from Australia, said, “For International Men’s Day 2017 we are celebrating men and boys. We encourage you to check out ‘The Red Pill’ by award winning Producer/Director Cassie Jaye. This documentary is a great way to get conversations going about the issues facing men.” www.theredpillmovie.com

Anil Kumar from India said, “International Men’s Day gives us a chance to share, through the media, the importance of addressing the many unique issues men face here in India. This year we are using the New Delhi Marathon to highlight some of those issues.” 

Dr Jerome Teelucksingh from Trinidad & Tobago, and founder of International Men’s Day, responded to the news of the debate in the UK Parliament,  saying: “We commend the UK being progressive. We hope the British Parliament’s forward thinking on the many issues facing men will inspire other countries to follow their example.”

Remi Akano coordinator for the Nigerian Men’s Coalition said, “We are excited to be working with men’s groups around the world to celebrate the contribution men and boys make to society.”

 Zane Meas from South Africa said, “This year the Fatherhood Foundation is using the occasion to celebrate men’s contribution to fatherhood.”

 Glen Poole, from the UK and author of the book “You Can Stop Male Suicide” said: “International Men’s Day is a day for the world to come together and celebrate men and boys in all their diversity. It’s also an opportunity to focus on some of the challenges that men and boys can face in terms of health, fatherhood, education, work-life balance and issues like the high male suicide rate”. 

2017 Promo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e50deAvUYqc&t=35s

Website:  www.internationalmensday.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Official.International.Mens.Day/?ref=bookmarks

For more information contact:  Warwick Marsh: 61 418 225 212

Anil Kumar: 91 98451 43724

Dr Jerome Teelucksingh:  1 868 222 2707

Remi Akano: 234 818 862 9089

Zane Meas: 27 11 7681264

Glen Poole: 61 432 488943

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