International Men’s Day in Ghana

Ghana Fatherhood Initiative Foundation is a registered NGO in Ghana established to promote and encourage committed,available and responsible fatherhood in Ghana, also to appreciate fathers. Samuel NiiTeiko Tackie, founder and President of GFIF is organising an International Men’s Day event which involves donating books to selected Schools in Mamprobi-Accra to conside with Universal Children’s day. Press releases to selected radio stations in the regional Capitals in Ghana have been sent and interviews about the event took place.
International Men’s Day was on the 19th, and the book donation on 20th November at the Mamprobi Polyclinic, Mamprobi-Accra.

“Deep within man dwell those slumbering powers; Powers that would astonish him. That he never dreamed of possessing;forces that would revolutionize his life if arousedand put into action.”

Every achiever and in fact every man that evermattered on this earth had crave for knowledge. They were ardent readers of books, which rightly explain why “readers are said to be leaders!”

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