First Canadian International Men’s Day 2009

Small groups have reportedly held International Men’s Day celebrations in Canada in previous years (On Feb 7, or on Nov 25). None of these claimed small events coincided with the international celebration on November 19. Fortunately this has all changed……..

Canada can claim it’s very first November 19 International Men’s Day this year (2009) !!! The event – Manology: Exploring 21st Century Masculinity is being organised and presented by David Hatfield who states;
“This year we will take time on Nov 19 to introduce the history, goals and values of International Men’s Day and announce our official recognition to the attending men. This course is one of several current initiatives that mark the beginning of the creation of a Vancouver Men’s Centre. The centre is envisioned as part health centre, part institute supporting men’s studies, masculinity exploration, male issue creative activism, rites of passage work, counseling, and health services, all of which will be designed and delivered with men’s ways of doing and being held with the highest regard…. Next year we will be able to organize a far larger series of IMD recognitions and celebrations…. ”

About the event:
Manology is a new course for men of all stages, backgrounds, orientations and ethnicities. Manology: Exploring 21st Century Masculinity

Hey man, do you know anything about this?: Be strong!/distant father/no mentors/no proper initiation into manhood/perform, provide, protect/climbing the ladder/saving face/denying tears/leaning on women/excessive solitude/sacrificing your body/dream job?/real love?/idiotic male media figures/seeing how women changed it for themselves/all of this & now….

Its a new century, man. The earths gettin’ hot, the oils almost gone, globalization isn’t sustainable. There’s trouble, and men are needed. It’s a good time for men to gather. Ready for some brotherhood? To stoke your warrior energy? To give and receive? If you’re up for working with men for the greater good and having a good time doing it, then get over here! We need you.

Manology is a new course series for men of all stages, beliefs, orientations, and ethnicities. We are a diverse team of educators with a range of knowledge & skills, and offering no quick answers. For men 19 and over. All men are welcome.

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